Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy since 1984


The Pathological Anatomy Laboratory JPG Salete Silva was founded in 1984 by Dr. Salete Silva, Head of Service of Pathological Anatomy. She was also Director of the Pathology Department at Santa Marta Hospital and Fernando da Fonseca Hospital.

Dra. Salete Silva was responsible for the formation of a generation of anatomopathologists who are now Head of Service in several Hospitals and Laboratories in Portugal.

The Pathological Anatomy Laboratory JPG Salete Silva is located in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, currently under technical direction of Dra. Eugenia Pinto, who was part of the Clinical Board before.

Pathological Anatomy is a medical specialty that have the purpose of diagnose the disease based on macroscopic and microscopic examination of cells and tissues. It has a fundamental role in oncology, among others, because, besides the diagnosis, it defines parameters that have implications in the treatment and follow up of the disease.

Justance in Results.

Precision in the developed Techniques.

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With innovation and a continuous improvement process we intend to achieve an efficient level of management and technological development that allows us to keep up with clients and Health professionals expectations.

Promptly respond to our client’s requests concerning cytological and histological exams, behold the scientific parameters advised by international institutions and the College of Specialty of Pathological Anatomy of the Order of Physicians.


Histological Exams

Histological Exams


Surgical specimens

Histochemical Stainin

Cytological Exams

Cytological Exams

Cervical Cytologic - Papanicolau Stain

Cervical Cytological (Thin Prep )

Non-gynaecologic cytology and fine needle aspiration biopsy

Molecular Biology

Molecular Biology

HPV testing with Cobas or Aptima

HPV Genotyping

Cobas Testing NC-GC for Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae

Mycoplasma Genitalium and Ureaplasma Urealyicum Testing

Immuno histochemistry Exams

Immuno histochemistry Exams

HER2, HP, P16, Protein s100, p63, Ki67, etc.

Hormonal Receptors


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