Exams Accomplished

The examinations carried out are as follows. If you need any clarification, contact us!


Histological Examination of Biopsy

Macroscopic and Histological Examination of Surgical Specimens

Histochemistry techniques

Biopsy — sample of organs or tissues collected surgically, through endoscopic instrumentation or with a needle.

Surgical Specimen — part or the totality of an organ or anatomical structure to examine

Gynecological Cytology

Cervicovaginal Cytopathological examination - Conventional Method - Papanicolaou

Cervicovaginal Cytopathological examination — Liquid based test

Exfoliative cytology — a sample containing superficial cells and other components collected by abrasive procedure from the surface or lumen of an organ or a cavity or contained in a product of secretion or excretion.

Gynecological Cytology
Non-Gynecological Cytology

Cytological Examination of Brushes, Liquids, Washes and Secretions

Cytological Examination of Aspiration Biopsy

Aspiration cytology — sample composed with cells and other components collected by a fine needle in internal structures, superficial or deep, by negative pressure.

Impression Cytology — a sample consisting of cells and other components collected when pressure is exerted on a sectioned surface of an organ or tissue.

Molecular Biology

HPV Cobas or Aptima typing

HPV Genotyping

Search for mutations in KRAS, NRAS and BRAF genes

COBAS NC-GC test for Chlamydia trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae research.

Search for Mycoplasma Genitalium and Ureaplasma Urealyicum

Search for CMV and HSV 1 and 2


Determination of HER2 gene amplification by SISH

Molecular Biology
Immuno histochemistry Exams

Hormonal Receptors, Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors,

Ae1 / Ae3,   Actin,   BCL2,   Calponin,   CD3,   CD5,   CD10,   CD15,   CD20,   CD23,   CD30,   CD34,   CD45,   CD68,   CD117,   CD138,   CK5 / 6,   CK7,   CK20,   Chromogranin,   EMA,   E-Cadherin,   HER2,   HMB45,   H. Pylori,   Ki67,   Melan A,   P16,   Protein s100,   p40,   p53,   p63,   Sinaptophysin,   Vimentin,   34Be12,   Racemase,   p40,   etc.

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